Friday, January 17, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up | 01.17.14

California Palm Trees |
This week has been warm and beautiful in Southern California, unfortunately, warm and beautiful will often times be accompanied by dry and windy. Yesterday, a brush fire swept through the foothills of my husband's hometown. Luckily, nobody was killed, very few were injured and only a few homes were lost. The photos from my in-law's house of the fire burning in the hills behind what was once their home, (They purchased a house about a mile away from us here in San Clemente last July, and had just closed escrow on their Glendora house) were breathtaking, and scary, (You can see one here.) Suffice to say, my thoughts and condolences are with everyone who has lost their home.

Tonight, I'm looking forward to opening a bottle of this Cakebread Chardonnay, to welcome the weekend. I have a lot of recipe testing, and cooking this weekend in preparation for Valentine's Day. The entire week of 1/27 will be centered around Valentine's Day, including a little gift guide, so please stop by.

Happy Weekend Friends, See you Monday!

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