Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Heck of a Deck

Maybe I should stay away from the rhymes... 
Bryan built this deck beneath the shade of a Brazilian Pepper Tree that lives outside of our front door. We landscaped around it and installed a path from salvaged sandstone. The branches of the tree are watch your head! low but it just adds to the charm of our beach bungalow. 
We like to sit out there when the weather's nice to enjoy the sparkle of the ocean blue, and have a cocktail or two (and as is often the case, one or two too many). Our dog Colonel likes to join us ( I use the word 'us' loosely as he hangs out with me only by default). 
Our little deck is something I look forward to on the drive home from work... It definitely puts a smile on my face. 
Here are a couple decks that really strike my fancy.
I love the spray from the ocean on the left...Makes it seem more real to me. I would turn those lounges around though, that view should not go ignored.
This tree-top deck in South Africa makes me crave a glass of red wine and a thick cream-based soup. I love the plaid blankets on the chair backs for when the sun goes down and the air gets nippy. 

First Traces of a Smile

To nobody. I realize that I am a little late to the blogging world, but I figure better this than not this. While I don't really have a direction in mind for this little blog... I have an image in my head of it becoming a place where I can tangibly collect ideas, images and ramblings that put a smile on my face. Works for me! 
I hope you (Who is this 'you' I speak of??) enjoy reading what I write, and what I write about as much as I enjoy writing, talking, planning and dreaming about all of it.