Friday, July 30, 2010

Party Like It's 1999

On Wednesday night we headed to Downtown Disney for a private event at the House of Blues, but we started the night with a drink at Catal Restaurant's Uva Bar (A member of the Patina Restaurant Group). We were running late and drat the luck! I wasn't able to order my favorite dish their Manchego Salad, Uva Bar is always a great place to people watch and enjoy an aperitif.
The entertainment for the night (other than lots of drunks. There was an open bar after all) was Sugar Ray, responsible for such hits as Every Morning, Fly and Someday. The fact that he opened his set with a little self-depricating humor 'Are you guys ready to hear the number one hit from 1999?' ( you had to be there to appreciate the humor in that I suppose) made it all the better.  After a few tee-hees we were pleasantly surprised at how good Mark McGrath and his band sounded. Although, the cover they did of a Bob Marly song was nothing short of atrocious!
Ha! That face!
After three glasses of wine this picture seemed like a good idea. Somewhere behind all of that glare and flash is Sugar Ray. 

Want to party like it's 1999? Watch their Someday video!

To see the full screen video click here

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Spade is a Spade is a Spade

When I was a Junior in high school I saved all of the money I got ( from birthdays, bribes, Hanukkah) so that I could buy a Kate Spade handbag. I now have a small collection of her classic, beautifully designed (and reasonably priced) handbags. Her collection includes small leather goods, jewelry, clothing, eye-wear,  shoes, paper goods, housewares... (I fear I will go broke with all of the bee-autiful things to spy and buy!) Here are a few of my faves.
All of these items can be found at Happy Shopping! 

*Btw, the Spade in Kate Spade came from her husband Andy, brother of the actor and comic David Spade. 

Handbag: Sutton Place Willa $365, Shoes: Gala $350, Ring: Shimmer Skimmer Dragonfly $125, Earrings: Coral Reef Starfish Stud $45, Dress: Starlight Kay $425, iPod Nano Case: Nano Case $25, Pencil Case: Jane Street Creative Becca Pencil Case $75, Vase: Gardner Street Rose Bowl $100. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oil Oil Everywhere!

I ordered this 'Help Us Get Cleaned Up' tote bag from the Help us Get Cleaned Up project. An organization raising money for the animals, fish and birds affected by the Golf Oil Spill. These totes are 100% organic bamboo with 60% of the proceeds being donated to the Ocean Future Society. At just $24.00 it's a good way to help our feathered, fury and water-loving friends well... get clean!
This is the other side of my bag
These new designs will be for sale starting July 25, 2010. Pre-order your today!
This (appropriately) artsy bag was designed by French artist William Benhamou.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Lucky Dog

The love of my young adult life has always been Colonel Boogie. My now 7 year-old miniature wiener dog. We have a love hate relationship... I love and he hates (exaggeration, he tolerates.) But early in the morning, when the air is nippy he trots to my side of the bed (because he knows I do his bidding) and sticks his face in mine so that I lift him into the bed and under the warm covers. This is how he likes to sleep: Head on pillow, paws on top of blankets. 
This love will be everlasting. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

I spotted JR's Shaved Ice on my way to get my brows tamed today. JR's is in Oceanside, at the corner of Vista Way/Coast Hwy (In the Liberty Gas Parking lot). Because I am a juvenile when it comes to sweets... especially icy treats I knew I had to stop on the way back to work. I ordered a Pineapple shave ice and it was everything it should be: icy, yellow, sweet, pineapple-y delicious and only $2.00!. The perfect treat after having hair ripped off your face. More info on JR's Hawaiian Shaved Ice here

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cannery Row

We have agreed that Monterey is our 'spot'. The drive along the coast through Carmel, Big Sure and Buellton (not along the coast but exceptions can be made for Spilt Pea Andersen's) is serene and breathtaking. ( I'll post photos from our last two trips there next!)
We still throw around the idea of getting married in Monterey... big wedding be damned! More photos from this wedding here

The Steinbeck Stamp on the envelopes... I love. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Flower Bracelet

I would love to walk down the aisle and tie one of these simple and elegant flower bracelets on Bryan's Mom's wrist before the start of the our ceremony. I picture myself whispering in her ear as I kiss her cheek that I will always love her son and will never hurt him.... Sigh... I'm such a romantic... Our Wedding is planned for September, not prime Peony time but with the magic of greenhouses and forced flowers... I can make it happen! (Would a small bright Hydrangea bloom work just as well? Probably... I love options!)

Video and pictorial instructions on how to make these lovely flower bracelets can be found here