Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Note

a couple of years ago I had another little blog that much like this one, no one ever visited. I was reading through some of the posts yesterday and came to the realization that 1.) I'm super lame, 2.) I was a better writer back then, and 3.) Some of the posts were kind of funny! (To me... I'm the only person reading this, remember?) anyhow, I decided to import the content of that blog into this one, anything prior to 2013 in the archives was penned for my old blog, The Smile on My Face... ( I know right?! How could a blog with a title like that not take off?!) Have a few laughs at my expense, self. Also, no food post today, we ate chili's leftovers last night. :)

Until tomorrow friends!

Photo via, original source unknown. Graphic by me

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