Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday Links

I'm back from our trip to the river in Parker, Arizona where my in-laws have a boat. We spent four days in the sun enjoying time away from our phones, email, social media, and with a few brief exceptions, TV. Suffice to say, we all had a blast. Every night a group of wild burros would make there way to the river shore where we were staying and they fearlessly ate from our hands, and perhaps even from my mouth... too much? Emma came home with her first ever cold (and fever, yikes!) so forgive me for bowing out early this week, taking care of my sick babe is priority number one. But, I'll be back Monday with ideas for Thanksgiving and maybe more birthday demands err suggestions. A few links to peruse until then...

I really like Sara's aesthetic and blog, and she's offering a blog design special for a limited time.

This hot chocolate looks delicious.

This latest trip has really reinforced that I need to a.) practice taking better photos of Emma and b.) invest in a good camera... my iPhone really isn't cutting it.

A timely lesson for keeping a well stocked wine fridge this season.

Fun flats for staying comfortable during holiday hosting duties.

And, lastly, a friendly reminder that now is the time to start forcing Paper Whites if you'd like blooms for Christmas.

Photo by me

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