Monday, November 4, 2013

On My List: Birthday Edition

My thirtieth birthday is later this month. Let this serve as notification, I would love everything ( a few things, somethings, one thing?) from this list. Everything is relatively affordable (a good thing with the holidays around the corner, and would be put to use immediately in my kitchen... Happy Shopping!)

1.) I love the subtle shape of these wine glasses. I drink wine just about every night, the probability that I will drop and break one of these glasses is 100% at about $4.00 each, an easy price point to replenish as necessary.

2.) I love these blanket stitch napkins, they're simple enough for weeknight dinners through the fall and winter.

3.) I have been eyeing these bottles for months. They're glass (no funny plastic taste or leaching into your water) with a silicone sleeve so they won't break,  This mint one will be mine.

4.) Dutch ovens are seriously the workhorse of the kitchen, I have larger ones but this 2qt dutch oven (In Flame, of course) would be perfect for making a little rice, quinoa or perhaps a little soup.

5.) This pocket sized collection of egg recipes by Ian Knauer (former Editor at Gourmet) Because, "Eggs are the superheroes of our refrigerators, just as essential at breakfast as they are at dessert."  This book is the first edition of the Short Stack Series that includes, Tomatoes and Strawberries with more on the way.

6.) What better way to ring in my thirtieth than with a glass of champagne?! I really love the idea of stemless for champagne, Especially when I'm indulging on a weekday or just because... A stemmed champagne glass feels almost too fancy?

7.) These three knives and maybe a serrated knife (for bread and tomatoes) are all you really need in a your kitchen.

8.) This gold serving spoon because, why not?

9.) marble board for all of the pastry dough that is sure to be rolled out this holiday season. And at a more affordable price that other boards I've seen!

10.) All Clad soup pot and ladle, perfect for making stock, or a big pot of the aforementioned soup, or for boiling pasta... again, the workhorse of the kitchen.

11.) These shimmery gold napkins. Please see no. 8 above.

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