Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nook is Book (without pages) shhhh!

I walked into Barnes and Noble (Second only to my beloved Pasadena Vromans) with the intent to purchase a gory book recommended to me by my friend Megan (The Surgeon by Tess Garritson, for those of you wondering.) I walked out, thirty minutes later, with the September issue of Cosmo (A most favorite guilty pleasure of mine) and the $149.00 Wi-Fi Nook (I'm too cheap to spring for the $189.00 Wi-Fi and 3G version).
That's Walt Whitman on the screensaver btw. 

For those that really know me, my book collection is something I have been working on for most of my life. I treasure my most favorite books like most people value their teeth. For the longest time I was adamant that I would never sell out to the e-readers. I would walk past the Nook sales desk and let my eyes feast on the gadget, I would always pick one up but would quickly shoot down any sales pitch with I will never give up flipping pages, and of course would walk away with secret longing in my heart Well, satisfaction be damned! I gave in and while I have yet to download my first e-book I will be rushing to Coffee Bean today after work to indulge in my favorite beverage (regular vanilla ice blended, no whip) and my favorite activity (Downloading books apparently).

Thankfully, there is  14-day return period... just in case paper cuts and dog ears are too much to stay away from.


  1. I think that's why I haven't gotten one yet...I just love my books too. Pretty much everything about them...but it is 2010 right? Have fun and curious to see how you like it!

    Julie xo

  2. Julie- I think I'm going to return the Nook. It's s-l-o-w and heavier than I expected. AND WiFi only is not the deal I thought It would be. There is a Nook 2 expected this year, perhaps that will be the one for me.