Thursday, August 5, 2010


"I consider all forms of personal expression to be art. Art to me is a beautifully curated +/or written blog, a savory home cooked meal, a simple line on paper, a great outfit, a physical space that's been appointed in a way that fills me with a rush of happiness, excitement or calm. As long as I respond to it, I know I've made a connection, for a moment, with its creator. I'm pretty sure this is the point of creativity."
-Beach Bungalow 8

I found the blog Beach Bungalow 8 via Absolutely Beautiful Things and when I found the above on a post from July 2010 I cried like a baby during a thunderstorm. Everything the writer of Beach Bungalow 8 said in those three sentences are what I have been trying to discover for myself through this blog and everything I surround myself with. 

I am inspired to live my dreams, even if today's dream is to walk into my house full of all that I adore to kiss the love of my life, snuggle my beasties and enjoy a double-shot vodka tonic (or two!) 

My heart is happy. Afterall, con familia y amigos la vida es un carnaval!

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