Friday, September 10, 2010

TGIF- Ooohhh La-la

I like to play a little game called Wouldn't it be funny if... ( A very amusing game I should be playing in my head and not out-loud probably).
Last night it was Wouldn't it be funny if we had a pet Penguin?!?! I decided to youtube pet penguin and came across Lala, a King penguin living in Japan with a loving family (he was rescued form a fishing net, was nursed back to health by this family and as all true love should be he refused to leave them). He lives in his very own air conditioned room underneath their stairs. The real kicker, he wears a penguin backpack when he walks to the neighborhood fish market for a little shopping. (The size of the fish he gobbles down when he gets there is pretty impressive too btw!).

Here is the youtube video:

Of course immediately after watching this video 5 times, I had Bryan google California laws on keeping a pet penguin... alas, they're too steep... My Lala will have to live in my dreams... 

What a wonderful way to begin the weekend, no? 

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  1. sorry about not being able to get a pet penguin but the vid was cool :)

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